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German-speaking Mozilla Community Meetup February 2014

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TL;DR: Great meetup, let’s work on our defined goals for 2014!

On the 8th of February 2014 we had our second “German-speaking Mozilla Community” Meetup after rebooting the community. In this blog post I’d like to review the event and tell you about our 2014 goals.

Not 100% achieved 2013 goals:

  • Not a lot of new faces on this year’s meetup
  • Even though there was a lot going on, the coordination within the groups was not great. Also overall communication can be improved.
  • “Contribute” form is hard to process -> almost no visible new contributors
  • It’s hard to find new contributors for Marketing and Localization
    We splitted up in different groups: L10N/Support, Hacking and a “miscellaneous” group.

Let’s review our goals for 2014:


  • Goal: Find more contributors

  • Goal: Improve the German articles on SUMO, MDN

  • Goal: Improve the German translation of Firefox, Firefox OS

  • Solution: organize different Sprints during the year. The next sprint will be on the 5th and 6th of April in Berlin

  • Hacking:*

  • Goal: Find more contributors

  • Solution: organize multiple “Mozilla Hacking Days”. The next event will be on the 26th of April in Berlin (to be definitely confirmed)

  • Solution: use the momentum of the first Hacking Day to organize a second Hacking Day. At the second event we fully go “non-Mozillians”, i.e. as many interested, possible contributors as possible

  • Miscellaneous:*

Firefox OS:

  • Goal: find new app developers and create localized apps

  • Goal: promote Firefox OS in Germany

  • Solution: organize multiple Firefox OS App Days in Germany/Austria/Switzerland

  • Firefox OS App Day Zurich (planning ongoing)

  • Firefox OS App Day Vienna (planning ongoing)

  • Firefox OS App Day Munich (planning pending)

  • Other Firefox OS App Days to be specified

  • Goal: find new contributors for posts on Twitter, Facebook, …

  • Solution: probably use already existing contributors in other areas

  • Goal: organize multiple Webmaker events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Goal: organize a OpenBadges event in Switzerland

  • Goal: organize a “All Things Web” bi-weekly course in Switzerland (probably in cooperation with the Open Tech School)

  • Solution: Meeting with Michelle Thorne on the 4th of April to discuss the ideas

At the end of the day we had a “Community Building” session. Here’s the outcome/brainstorming:

  • Use badges for contributors
  • Identify Student Ambassadors in Germany
  • Response to “Contribute” form needs to be edited
  • Reach out to other tech communities to find new contributors
  • Better integration of Mozilla employees
  • Inform other communities about our next events (JS groups, user groups, …)
  • Big Mozilla Hacking Days (see above)

The different groups will inform about the progress in the #deMeeting on the 5th of March.


Thanks again for joining us! See all photos on Henrik’s flickr page.

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