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German-speaking Community - Status of goals

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At the German-speaking community meetup in February we set some goals to reach in 2015. In our last bi-weekly meeting we discussed the current status of those goals. Here’s a quick summary:


  • Write to all “Localizers in Training” that have added themselves to the wiki and were never contacted -> done, but no feedback yet

  • Finish l10n documentation for beginners -> live on the wiki

  • Overall year goal SUMO: 90% of all articles (top 100) should always be updated and translated -> we’re currently at 100%

  • Overall year goal SUMO: for Firefox releases the top 100 articles should always be finished -> we’re currently at 100% for all releases since then

  • Better format for the meeting -> completely done and more efficient with the new Vidyo bi-weekly format (Meeting notes)

  • Working on it:*

  • Community Tile -> mockup and first implementation (though not completely finished) got nice feedback, will finish the design by end of week so we can finish the wording

  • Organize Mozilla Weekend -> planning has started

  • Continue Rust meetups -> last one was on April 1 and there will be further meetups

  • Recruit 5 new Mozilla developers -> working on it

  • at least 10 FSA until end of year -> Brainstorming meeting with TJ on May 7

  • 2 new Reps to cover more regions and distribute work load -> Jan showed interest

  • Visual identity -> voting for a nice motive is done, we have two “winners” (mountains and “language borders”). We’ll come up with a few mockups and vote on them

  • Events in 5 cities where we never had an event before -> we have 2 invitations to events in Worms and Karlsruhe

  • Transfer websites/forums to Community IT -> blocked from Community IT side, bug

  • TODO:*

  • Organize Add-ons SDK talk

  • Start meetups in Berlin to grow the local community there -> we have postponed that to after the Mozilla Weekend due to time contstraints

  • WoMoz -> we didn’t define this measurable, but we’ll try to start something at Mozilla Weekend if possible

  • Update content

  • Not defined as goal, but still happening:*

  • Robert, Philipp and Arpad will start a Vienna (AT) meetup group \o/

  • Monthly meetups in Zurich (CH) and (about bi-monthly, informal) Bern (CH) by Mozilla Switzerland
    In case you’re interested in helping out and contribute to Mozilla, you can find our Trello board with open tasks at:

Thanks to everyone who worked hard on any of this, this will be a great year!

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