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Mozilla Weekend Berlin 2015 - Preparation & Day 1

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At the Community Meetup of the German-speaking community back in February we decided to organize a Mozilla Day or Mozilla Weekend in 2015 to get more visible in Berlin, tell people about Mozilla’s mission and projects, and recruit new Mozillians.


First we had a “Call for Speakers” which did not turn out as hoped, since we didn’t have a lot of proposal for talks. Further we were missing quite a few people to facilitate the workshops. Fortunately there was a Mozilla Leadership Meetup on July 10 in Berlin, so we contacted the Leadership team and asked, if they wanted to participate and have a few talks about Mozilla and its projects. This worked out really well and it was great to have part of the Leadership Team at the event as well. I think this helped to get contributors as well.

It was the first time we created a website for an event in the German-speaking community. We decided on which we will be able to use also for future Mozilla Weekends in Germany. I think we need to do that as well for future, big events since we had quite a lot of visitors and registrations. Until one day before the event we had about 120 registrations.


Day 1 - July 11

For the first day, we had planned talks to introduce Mozilla, and dive deeper into the different projects. Since we had about 120 registrations we applied our standard 33% no-show rate and expected about 80 participants. In the end, we had around 55 participants, but nevertheless the attendees were very interested. This is a sign that quantity is not always the goal, quality is way more important.





Welcome & Introduction to Mozilla

Elio Qoshi & Michael Kohler


What’s new in Firefox?

Michael Kohler


Speech Recognition at Mozilla

Kelly Davis


Ask us anything

Mitchell Baker, David Bryant, Axel Hecht


Lightning Talks

Elio Qoshi & André Fiedler & Axel Hecht & Mario Behling & Per Guth/td>


Firefox OS - Current status and the future

André Fiedler


Why I am at Mozilla

David Bryant


Shape of the Web

Mary Ellen Muckerman


WoMoz - Women at Mozilla

Kristi Progri


Leaving behind the designer ego in open source communities

Elio Qoshi


Opportunities to Contribute at Mozilla

George Roter & Michael Kohler/td>


Closing Session

Michael Kohler


All these talks will be available on once their uploaded as well! I think we had quite a good mix of projects, even though Firefox was not represented as good as it could have been.

Awesome talk about @firefox OS by @sonnenkiste at #mozweekend @mozilla

— Mario Behling (@mariobehling) July 11, 2015

What an eye-opening talk about Women in the Tech industry by @KristiProgri #mozweekend

— TheOne (@wagnerand) July 11, 2015

The “Ask us Anything” session was very important and it was great to have Mitchell Baker, Chairwomen of the Mozilla Foundation, and David Bryant (VP of Platform Engineering), and Axel Hecht (contributed since the beginning of Mozilla). We had a lot of interesting questions from the audience.

QA with @MitchellBaker @david_bryant and @axelhecht at #mozweekend

— Brian King (@brianking) July 11, 2015

You can find all the pictures and tweets with the hashtag #mozweekend.

Excited to see @geroter and @KohlerSolutions talking about Contributing at Mozilla, incl. fun exercises! #mozweekend

— TheOne (@wagnerand) July 11, 2015

> [#mozweekend]( [#berlin]( 2015 []( > > — ANIL KUMAR (@anilbms75) [July 16, 2015](

Go ahead and read about Day 2 as well!

A big thanks goes out to the organization team and the 10 speakers, you all did great work! And thanks to everyone who showed up even though it didn’t rain!

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